Educational programs ‘Mengem sa, mengem de mercat’

Mengem sa, mengem de mercat! Is an initiative from the markets in Barcelona. It’s an educational activity where schools are invited to build teams and transmit the healthy, fresh and quality shopping values to the children by discovering the market, its features and what makes it different from other kind of shops.

The aim of the program is to transmit the value of the market as a space of health and quality service, of proximity and social relationships. It also wants to show the importance of keeping a balanced diet with fresh, seasonal and proximity products.

The activity has double purpose: on one hand, it wants to ease an educational dynamics which permits the students have a direct experience. On the other hand, to encourage the participants to share their experiences through the making of a feature or series of photos to publish in the spreading media or website of their schools.

Besides, markets allow to work in a wide range of contents. Not all of them are taken into account in this project, but we encourage you to take advantage of their possibilities and make the initiative grow as much as you consider necessary.

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