Encants Vells - Fira de Bellcaire

The project to remodel and modernise the Encants Vells - Fira de Bellcaire market was awarded by public tender to the B720 architecture firm.

An IMMB initiative with the support of traders, who approved the project at a conference, the new Encants Vells - Fira de Bellcaire market will not be located on the same site as before, but will be very close. This means that the works have not prevented the Encants Vells stall owners from trading normally, nor have they necessitated the construction of a temporary market.

The architects' design strives to maintain the sense of an open-air market so characteristic of Fira de Bellcaire. So, although the design plans for commercial activity to go on under the cover of a large roof, there is no perimeter structure enclosing the market area.

Main features:

  • the stalls and auction area are located on street level, with no other structures apart from the roof.
  • the remaining products and services currently available at the market (those not on street level) and the new shops and services that could potentially be introduced, will be located above street level, but will be set out in a linear fashion to imitate a street setting.
  • there will be an underground car park with 300 spaces, a loading and unloading area, a warehouse and waste area, and a car park for commercial vehicles.

The project also plans for a series of spaces to be used for other market services, such as an information desk, lockers, offices, a multi-use area spanning some 400 m 2 and a children's play area.