Feeding the city

Result of a conference organized by the MUHBA, the Historical Archive of the City and Barcelona Markets, this booklet examines the role of municipal government in providing basic food and price suppression.

On 23 and 24 May 2013, the MUHBA' Board Martí l'Humà hosted the conference 'Feeding the City: Barcelona in medieval and modern times', first approximation to the objective of studying systems with the city government has faced alimentary needs of its citizens throughout history.

During those two days was specially treated the protected alimentary market system that the city of Barcelona applied until the nineteenth century to try to ensure the supply of basic food and price suppression.

But, although the analysis of this element from the nineteenth century was for next year's edition of the conference, the resulting booklet also contains a number of excerpts that reflect the process through which the economic liberalism and centralism of the Spanish State pushed away, from the nineteenth century, this responsibility of municipal ward and turned it into a new model.

The booklet, in whose edition has participated the Institut Municipal de Mercats de Barcelona (IMMB) is presented in Catalan, Spanish and English, and has contributions of researchers from several universities as Barcelona, Lleida, Girona, Kansas and the Autònoma, and Milà i Fontanals-CSIC Institution, under the scientific coordination of Mercè Renom.

Participants include historians as Manuel Sánchez, Joan J. Busqueta, Antoni Riera, Gaspar Feliu, Teresa Vinyoles, Manuel Guàrdia and José Luis Oyón, studying precisely the network of municipal markets.

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