Guinardó Market

The market, where part of the iconic tower of the old building has been preserved, is in a block of facilities built in the area, which include a primary healthcare centre, a youth centre, an old people's home, a nursery school, a 150-place car park and new public spaces.

The new market was designed by the architects Lluís Cantallops, Albert Valero, Marta Bayona and Marta Vicente. Is part of the Unit of Action 3 (UA3) covering the block bounded by Teodor Llorente, Oblit and Garrotxa streets and Passatge de Llívia. All the action was given by REGESA.

Technical specifications:

-Conservation of the old market building tower at the intersection of Passatge Llívia and Oblit street. It will house the market administrative offices and a meeting room.

-Four new entrances opening, enhancing the main with a new open square.

-Adaptation of the commercial sale in a 2,000 square meters sales area.

- Installation of solar panels, along with an air-conditioning system that emits warm and cold air.

-Each of the stalls has its own refrigerating chamber on site, as well as the possibility of adding a workroom.

-The waste treatment area is located on the underground floor, where several containers have been installed for separating waste, and there is also an ice pool to help with its removal.


The market has new facilities equipped with better accessibility and sustainable energy, new services and logistics area ready for waste treatment, besides a self-service Carrefour, so that local residents can do all their shopping in one go