IMMB a founder member of the WUWM retail market group

The World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM), an association representing central food markets based in the Netherlands, has created a working group on retail markets to make meetings between them easier and to defend their interests on an international level.

The group's founding meeting took place in Hamburg between 12 and 14 June, 2008, with around 30 of Europe's biggest retail markets taking part.

The participants approved a declaration aimed at the EU's institutions, which highlights the importance food markets have in people's food and their quality of life, as well as their role as driving forces in giving neighbourhoods a social structure and in the economic promotion of cities.

The meeting also gave participants the chance to see first hand the Central Fruit and Vegetable Market in Hamburg, the biggest of its kind in Europe, and two weekly markets, which were offered the chance of joining Emporion in the future.

The Barcelona Municipal Market Institute (IMMB) was represented by Jordi Tolrà, Head of Communication and the coordinator of the Emporion project.