Llibertat Market

This market has been completely remodelled according to the project drawn up by PB2 Llobet-Bach Associats, represented by architect Josep Llobet, from Sabadell.

The project, carried out by the company Dragados, lasted 18 months, during which traders continued their activity under a provisional shelter erected in Plaça de Gal·la Placídia.

Designed by architect Miquel Pasqual i Tintoré and with frameworks by Francesc Berenguer i Mestres, the building is protected in the Catalogue of Historical-Artistic Architectural Heritage of the City of Barcelona as a Cultural Asset of Local Interest. As a result of this, the project involved the complete restoration of the market, of its existing facade covering and roofing, as well as the cleaning and protection of the metal structural and ornamental features of the original building.

Technical details:

  • the restoration of the building and its structural and ornamental features.
  • the internal reorganisation of all of the market stalls, to allow restoration and repair work to be carried out on the iron structure, and the redistribution of the outside stalls to improve visibility of the building's heritage values.
  • improvements to the layout of the interior stalls, reducing the number of walkways and making them broader.
  • the removal underground of the loading/unloading area, improvements to the selective waste collection facility, air conditioning and the construction of a car park for traders.


The facility's useable area was increased from 2,200 m 2 to 4,400 m 2, and it now has new services and infrastructures: car park, air conditioning, a a second floor spanning 196 m 2 with a multi-purpose hall, and a Bonpreu self-service market, to enable residents to do all their shopping under one roof.

Besides the underground loading/unloading area, warehouses and a waste, lift and goods lift control room, the market maintained a similar number of market stalls as it had prior to remodelling, and has incorporated new commercial activities in larger stalls.