Llibertat Market

La Llibertat (Liberty Market) is one of the city's century-old markets. It owes its Modernista decoration to Francesc Berenguer, a friend and admirer of Gaudí.

The market stands on land that belonged to the landowner Marc Olives. In 1831 he ordered houses and a large square to be built there but farmers immediately occupied it to sell their produce.

The current building was opened in 1888 and designed by the Vila de Gràcia municipal architect, Miquel Pasqual i Tintorer. Its characteristic Modernista decoration is the work of another architect, Francesc Berenguer i Mestres, who was a friend and admirer of Gaudí.


In the central part of the facade there is a beautiful Modernista coat of arms formed by some elaborate, incredibly shaped strips of iron, while the roof of black and reddish glazed ceramic tiles is finished off with iron edging.

The structure is also made of iron and there is some brick facing. At the top and bottom of the iron structure there is a series of panels with narrow horizontal slits to allow air to pass through and facilitate ventilation of the market.

Year of construction: 1888

Type of building: detached

Total surface area: 4,400 m2

Sales area: 1,300 m2

Alterations: finished in 2009