Marina Market

Marina Market was opened in 2003 and allowed the closing and the movement of Port Market merchants. 

The creation of this market in Plaça de la Marina in October 2003 falls within the project to redevelop the Marina-Zona Franca district of Barcelona

The Marina Plan transformed the landscape of the area with the development of the Illa Philips and Plaça de la Marina. Barcelona City Council proposed and developed this project with a view to revitalising a space and a facility capable of creating greater social wellbeing.

With the reorganisation of Plaça de la Marina, two separate spaces were created:

  • The square area, with an area for sitting and another for children.
  • The area underneath the square itself, housing the new municipal market.

The transformation of the Port Market into the current Marina Market, included within the 2000-2003 PAM (Municipal Action Programme), came about in response to the need to modernise and increase the profitability of a market whose commercial mix no longer sufficiently reflected local consumer demands. Its location in an area of the city which was undergoing extensive structural changes (removal of old factories, construction of new housing, creation of new green spaces, opening of new streets, organisation of the Plaça Cerdà junction, etc.) also played its part in the decision to renovate.

Built in 2003 and with a commercial area of 1,250 m 2 of a total 2,000 m 2, in its new location the loading/unloading and waste collection areas were moved underground to avoid disturbing the neighbours. The new market kept its traditional range of quality fresh produce with a total of 29 establishments of this kind, and incorporated a new complementary range of products through the addition of a supermarket.

Requirement of the market of the Marina
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