Mercats de Barcelona is to advise Sant Boi City Council on the remodelling of the Muntanyeta Market

The Barcelona Municipal Institute of Markets has signed a collaboration agreement with Sant Boi City Council for refurbishing the Centre-La Muntanyeta Market.

The Barcelona Municipal Institute of Markets is to advise Sant Boi City Council on the project the latter city is to embark on for refurbishing the La Muntanyeta Market, under an agreement signed between the two councils.

Sant Boi is looking to remodel its La Muntanyeta Market, reorganising and redeveloping its commercial structure. To move ahead with the project, it has asked the Municipal Institute of Markets to take part by helping its technicians to draw up the project, advising the teams of architects involved and undertaking mediation with the main stakeholders at the market, and particularly those who will be affected by the works taking place.

This the first phase of the project. The agreement signed by the Mayor of Sant Boi, Jaume Bosch, and the Chairman of the Municipal Institute of Markets, Raimond Blasi, will last 15 months. Sant Boi City Council will pay Mercats de Barcelona the sum of 15,000 euros to undertake the job.

Barcelona's experience

Raimond Blasi was highly enthusiastic about the agreement, expressing his satisfaction that "our experience remodelling markets can be of use for new projects in other cities, like the one currently being undertaken by Sant Boi City Council". Blasi stressed that "Barcelona promotes a model for the transformation of its markets that has been recognised internationally, since this model is based on public-private partnership and combines refurbishment of the amenity with the modernisation of its services in order to enhance their competitiveness. This successful model brings together local trade with innovation, quality products and adjustment to new social needs".

Mercats de Barcelona has previously undertaken the redevelopment, both architectural and commercial, of 19 markets across the city, tailoring supply to demand and improving the services available at the facility in order to make them more competitive. 10 further Barcelona markets are currently in the process of being remodelled.