Mercats de Barcelona offers advice to the city of Medellín

A delegation from the IMMB, comprised of the director of the Markets Service, Genís Arnàs and the director of the Mercat de la Llibertat, Xavier Trull, conducted a working visit between 12 and 18 July, invited to the city of Medellín in response to the city's interest in receiving advice on how to improve the management of its markets.

The trip forms part of the ERICA project (Spain and its Regions Exchange Knowledge with Antioquia) and has been carried out through the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Barcelona City Council's Department for International Cooperation.

During the visit, accompanied by specialists from the mayor's office of Medellín, they made some initial visits and held a number of meetings with the city's market traders to find out what problems they have and to exchange ideas and opinions.

They presented the Barcelona Model for the management and remodelling of municipal markets and offered technical assistance and advice on organising a system for linking and fostering responsibility among institutions and on creating a framework which identifies and homogenises the management of markets throughout the city.

Barcelona City Council maintains close collaboration with the city of Medellín, and has already advised the mayor's office on a number of aspects, such as the urban transformation of the Moravia district, creating urban parks, and the Barcelona Activa accompaniment model which is reflected there in Los Cedezos (District Development Centres), among others.

About the markets of Medellín

The city of Medellín uses a different organisational model for publicly-managed markets than the one used in Barcelona. There are a number of types of market: the centros comerciales populares, (people's shopping centres) which came about as a result of the regulation of the irregular occupation of public space, the plazas de mercado, (market squares) food markets which are well managed but little used by the middle classes, the mercado del pescado y cosecha, (fish and local produce market) undergoing a remodelling process, as is the mercado de frutas y verduras (fruit and vegetable market) in Téjelo.