Ninot Market

The redevelopment work was an IMMB initiative agreed to with the traders, who approved the redevelopment on 25 February 2008 and continued to trade in a provisional market from October 2009 to May 2015.

Completed in the spring of 2015, this comprehensive redevelopment work on the market was designed by MAP Arquitectes-MUR GARGANTÉ Arquitectes and managed by Josep Lluís Mateo.

Technical specifications:

  • Renovation and restoration work on the entire building, including the roof, along with a new look for its facades from a superimposed covering.
  • Integration of the building facade's exterior walls and the recovery of two closed-off courtyards on the Carrer Mallorca side as public areas.
  • Creation of a new main entrance on Carrer Mallorca, with a large entrance hall providing easy access - through ramps, steps and lifts - to the market and to a self-service facility on a partially underground level .
  • Maintenance of the sales hall on the same level from before the renovation and conservation of the street-level entrances on Carrer Casanova and Carrer Villarroel.
  • Commercial redistribution of market stalls, which are bigger and have a greater logistics capacity, with the inclusion of cold rooms, work tables and tasting areas. Inclusion of a restaurant.
  • Excavation and construction of a basement level to house the market's logistics area, a loading bay, storage facilities, a waste-treatment area and a customer car park.
  • Renovation of all water and lighting facilities under energy-saving criteria. Installation of photovoltaic panels for climate control and electricity consumption and solar panels for heating water.


The facility now has new services and infrastructures, such as a 105-place customer car park, a home-delivery service, energy-efficiency climate-control measures applied through the use of photovoltaic panels and water heating using solar panels. It also has a new lighting system using LED technology and light-dimming control systems, and a self-service facility run by Mercadona.

The new market has an operational surface area of 2,800 square metres, with 48 interior food stalls and 33 exterior non-food stalls integrated into the building's facade. The facility also houses the neighbourhood's new urbanised Green Point, which can be accessed through the existing passageway between Carrer Casanova and Carrer Villarroel.