Ninot Market

Originally an open-air market which was already up and running in 1893, its name comes from a tavern owner's daughter's passion for a ship's bow figurehead.

Although the current building was opened in 1933, the place now occupied by the market was home to an open-air market which had been operating since 1894, belonging to the then independent municipality of Les Corts.

Originally it was known as El Porvenir (The Future) due to its location in a very prosperous area. However, its name was changed because of the daughter of a local tavern owner. The girl went out for a walk one day along the beach and found the figurehead of an old ship in the shape of a puppet, that she liked very much. So much so that she put it up in the entrance to her father's tavern, and for that reason it became known as the "la taverna del ninot" (Puppet Inn). By extension, the market, which was very close by, also became known as "El Ninot" market.

Today, this figurehead can be found in the Maritime Museum, but there is a reproduction of the puppet in the main entrance to the market.


The building consists of a central room and three other rooms at each side. The two facades of the central part, which open onto Carrer de Mallorca and the interior corridor, are made from exposed brick and have a large stained-glass window in the shape of an arch. These two stained glass windows are the main source of natural light.

The rest of the facade is made from iron panels with narrow openings that allow air to pass through. These iron panels rest on a perimetral enclosure of exposed brick. At each side of the main entrance on Carrer de Mallorca there are two patios which can be accessed from the corners.

Year of construction: 1933

Type of building: free-standing

Total surface area: 6,037 m2

Sales area: 2,436 m2

Alterations: completed in 2015