Piacenza study trip to find out about our markets

A delegation from the Italian city of Piacenza is on a three-day visit of the Boqueria and Santa Caterina markets to find out about the Barcelona model.

The delegation is made up of representatives from the Piacenza Traders' Association (Ascom Piacenza); Piacenza's Deputy Mayor for Trade and Chairman of the Unione Commercianti Piacenza, Alfredo Parietti; the vice-chairmen Domenico Toscani and Antonio Resmini; Silvia Inzani, a council officer and Katia Tarasconi, Piacenza's Deputy Mayor for Trade. They were accompanied by Genís Arnàs, the Manager of the IMMB's Markets Service, to La Boqueria and Santa Caterina.

During their visit, the Piacenza representatives have expressed an interest in the commercial and organisational aspects of our markets, how they are integrated into shopping districts and commercial associations.

Once again our market redevelopment, organisation and management model has proved to be a yardstick beyond our shores. Various delegations from different countries have come to Barcelona throughout the year to find out about the Barcelona model and receive advice on market management.

Visita Piacenza Boqueria