Provençals Market

The work resulted from an IMMB initiative agreed with the stallholders and started in June 2012. Based on the plans of Mur_Garganté Arquitectes Associats, it was carried out by the Construccions PAI and completed 13 months later.

Technical specifications:

-Expansion of the market, with the construction of a building to house a self-service supermarket.

-Alterations to the sales floor and common parts.

-Alterations to the facades.

-Expansion of the car park, with room for a hundred places, and renovation of the underground floor, which houses the market's services area, refrigeration rooms and storage rooms.

-Transfer and redevelopment of the logistics area: loading and unloading bay and rubbish area. This has enabled a new main entrance to be built, along with a new public square.

-Renovation of the air-conditioning and hot-water facilities with an energy-saving system.


The market has new services and infrastructures: its services, logistics area and both air-conditioning and hot-water systems have been renovated. Its car park has been expanded and it has become an accessible market.

Prefabricated elements that have been incorporated into the facade act as a heat insulator and, thanks to the construction of an arcade-concourse as a new entrance, a common access point has been made for the market and supermarket, Carrefour, though the latter has its own independent entrance during the hours the market is closed.