The renovation processes for Sant Andreu Market and the Abaceria Market in Gràcia have begun

The design project for the renovation of Sant Andreu market and the preliminary viability study for Gràcia's Abaceria Market have been awarded for €112,272.

Barcelona City Council has begun the redevelopment processes for Sant Andreu Market and Gràcia's Abaceria Market. The first step was the allocation of the Sant Andreu Market redevelopment's design project and the viability study for Abaceria Market's renovation.

Raimond Blasi, the Councillor for Commerce, Consumerism and Markets, and Chairman of Barcelona Markets, declared: "We have begun the redevelopment process for two more markets, Sant Andreu and Gràcia's Abaceria Market. These are in addition to the Bon Pastor and Vall d'Hebron Markets, which are at the production-design stage".

The Councillor went on to say: "During this term of office, we have invested €92 million, allowing us to redevelop the markets of Guineueta, Provençals, Encants Barcelona, Sants, Sant Martí and Guinardó".

Daniel Mòdol Arquitecte was awarded the tender for producing the design for the redevelopment of Sant Andreu Market, at a cost of €52,272, a renovation process directed by the Municipal Institute of Barcelona Markets (IMMB). The project includes all the necessary features for its proper performance, maintenance and exploitation. The successful bidder will be responsible for producing the basic project and the production design.

Meanwhile, E-Scentia Global S.L. was awarded the tender for the preliminary feasibility study for the redevelopment of Gràcia's Mercat de l'Abaceria, at a cost of €60,000. The study includes the various basic alternatives for evaluating the viability of the renovation design, considering the necessary elements for its appropriate performance, maintenance and exploitation.

IMMB's Contracts Committee has awarded its contracts to the above-mentioned companies. In coming days, they will have to present the required documentation in order to formalise the corresponding contracts.

The work must be carried out within a period of 4 months from the day the contract is signed, which will make it possible to define the renovation model needed for each market, so that they can be developed during the next term of office.

Façana Mercat de Sant Andreu