Urbact Markets: markets are the heart, soul and motor of cities

"Urbact Markets: heart, soul and motor of cities" is the title of the publication issued by Mercats de Barcelona for the meeting organised in Barcelona at the conclusion of the Urbact Markets European project to promote urban markets, in which several cities and regions took part: Attica (Greece), Dublin (Ireland), Westminster (United Kingdom), Turin (Italy), Suceava (Romania), Toulouse (France), Wrocław (Poland), Pécs (Hungary) and Barcelona.

Urbact Markets was a programme led by Barcelona and funded by the European Union which aimed to promote the role of urban markets as economic, urban-regeneration and sustainability motors.

The publication features the good practices of the cities taking part in the project and which deal as much with services as they do with promoting markets, opening hours, structure and suitability of commercial offers, urban regeneration, environmental and financial sustainability of the facilities and social character of the markets as a meeting point for the public.

The text was written originally in English.

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