Barcelona's markets and commerce sound good!

The campaign is entering its second phase, telling us about the everyday lives of retailers and stallholders, as the people who set the pace for life in the city's neighbourhoods.

Last November, Barcelona City Council launched a new campaign to promote shopping in local markets and commercial establishments, as well as showing us the everyday lives of stallholders, retailers and their customers. “El comerç de BCN sona bé” [BCN commerce sounds good] is now entering its second phase, giving it a new boost and greater visibility.

Stallholders and retailers, in the spotlight

This time, stallholders and retailers will be in the campaign spotlight, as they are the ones who set the pace for life in the city’s neighbourhoods. And there will be more people starring in the various videos, posters and displays promoting the campaign. The aim is to show these people’s (real) stories. They are the ones who, through their work and dedication, create history and keep neighbourhoods moving.

With this in mind, one of the campaign’s initiatives has been to create “the commerce rumba”, a song that tells us about the role stallholders and retailers play in their neighbourhoods, recounting their stories and everyday lives.

When creating this rumba, various representative values of Barcelona’s small businesses were taken into account, including: the radars project for senior citizens, the school-paths initiative and educational, entrepreneur and innovation projects, generational change, emblematic establishments, cultural diversity and integration, digital commerce, sustainability and Green Markets.

Initiatives involving “the commerce rumba”

During the campaign, there will be a series of rumba concerts in various commercial hubs around the city, as well as in Barcelona MarketsThis means that city residents will be able to hear the “commerce rumba” live, played by various rumba groups.