Barcelona’s markets receive international visitors keen to discover its management model

This November saw Brazil delegations exploring the city to discover its management models and experiences around tourism and food and to make technical visits.

Every year the city’s markets receive several visits from representatives of other countries keen to discover their management and administration models. Our markets are international benchmarks when it comes to all that.

It was during the Smart City event on 18 November that the Brazilian Prefeitos Delegation from the Frente Nacional de Prefeitos (FNP) visited the Mercat de Sant Antoni and the Mercat de la Boqueria. The FNP was made up of an extensive delegation of mayors and high-level experts exploring not just the city’s markets but also other sites in Barcelona as part of their technical visits.

This 27 November a delegation of business people from Brazil working in the tourism sector came to Barcelona to discover relevant bodies and enterprises making up the city’s entire tourist structure. The delegation visited the Mercat de Sant Antoni and the Mercat de Concepció to find out about their management strategies for and experiences with tourism and food.