Greater investment to revamp markets

Markets. The 2.7 million euro boost to the budget will be used for various projects, including the renovation of the Besòs, Carmel and Montserrat markets, on top of the five already under way.

Funds to be invested in improving and modernising the city’s markets will be increased by 2.7 million euros, which will be used to carry out work at fourteen different markets. Renovation projects at three new markets (Besòs, Carmel and Montserrat) all stand out, and come in addition to five market overhauls already under way, including Sant Antoni, Sant Andreu and Vall d'Hebron – Teixonera.

The extra funds mean the basic project can be drafted for the renovation of the Mercat de Montserrat. Likewise, stallholders who want to discontinue their activity can start to be bought out, allowing for the re-organisation of commerce at various markets, including those in El Carmel and El Besòs.

“We want to modernise, dignify and give quality of service at markets, which generate social cohesion, create communal spaces and support urban dynamics in the neighbourhoods”, explained the Second Deputy Mayor, Jaume Collboni.

In all, nearly 43 million euros will have been invested in 2017, the bulk of which is being used to renovate the markets of Sant Antoni, Sant Andreu, Bon Pastor, Abaceria Central and the Vall d’Hebron – Teixonera. The latter will be closed throughout August for remodelling work which was already scheduled and which will add over 2,000 square metres of commercial floor space to the facility.

An urban cultivation area of 14,000 square metres will also be installed on the roof terrace, a pioneering project in Europe which will reshape and bring together the area around the market.