The city's markets, ready for the last four months of the year

The city's markets are ready to live the last four months of the year to the full, with night-time tastings, the Market of Markets festival and other activities for everyone to enjoy.

September has arrived, heralding the new school year and last months of 2017. Barcelona markets are preparing for the last months of 2017 with various activities, events and festivals for people of all ages. It’s going to be a busy four months.

To start with, there is the 20th edition of the city’s quintessential market festival, the Market of Markets, which is being held from 20 to 22 October in Avinguda de la Catedral. There will be many new features, especially in terms of high-quality local produce from various city markets.

Furthermore, the kitchen classes will be back, with courses and workshops for young and old; anyone who wants to learn how to cook a wide variety of dishes. These classes are run by the Boqueria, Ninot, Guineueta and Vall d’Hebron markets; the latter has just reopened after undergoing renovation work in August. School visits are also starting up, for schoolchildren from P4 primary school to secondary school years. As always, schools can enrol for the visits on our website .

During the last four months of 2017, the L’Estrella market will be celebrating its 60th anniversary, with an all-day festival on Saturday 30 September. There will also be room for the Tapas Nights in the markets of Poblenou –on Saturday 16 September-, Canyelles – Saturday 30 September- and Clot – Saturday 4 November. You can check the market calendar at

Regarding improvement work to market buildings, on Saturday 16 September, the La Mercè market is holding an inaugural festival for its new façade on Carrer de Sant Iscle, which underwent remodelling work this summer. Lastly, Sant Andreu Market, which has been moved due to renovation work, opens at its provisional location on Saturday 4 November.