The IMMB’s subsidy awards for 2019 have been published

Two types of subsidies were contemplated: for general services and for the promotion of commerce.

The Barcelona Municipal Institute of Markets (IMMB) announces the publication of its provisional award of subsidies for 2019. Two lines of subsidies were contemplated this year: subsidies for general services and subsidies for commercial promotions.

That means, according to the provisional publication, as many as 36 markets in Barcelona will be receiving subsidies from the IMMB for general services and commercial promotions. The amounts awarded by the institute vary from 1,800 euros to 21,200 euros. On the other hand, fruit-seller and fishmonger guilds were also included in the provisional publication, receiving 11,000 euros and 9,000 euros respectively.

You can consult the publication of the provisional award of subsidies on this link.


The two lines of subsidies

First, subsidies for general services. Intended to provide economic support for retail associations at Barcelona’s municipal markets, for general overheads relating to the cost of running services at facilities housing the various markets belonging to the Municipal Institute of Markets. Specifically in relation to all the obligations set out in articles 42 and 59 of the current by-law on markets. Special consideration was given to all initiatives to improve energy, sustainability, responsible procurement, innovation and anything which helps to boost quality and excellence. These subsidies are exclusively for market retailers’ associations.

Second, subsidies for the promotion of commerce. Grants of this type are designed to help the city’s markets generate social and commercial experiences, as well as getting them to drive initiatives to modernise sales channels in the city. The subsidies cover all activities and initiatives which help incentivise activity at municipal markets and promote new channels of digital commerce.

Projects receiving backing of this type must correspond to the year 2019 and be carried out by 15 January 2020 at the latest, the understanding being that this time period allows for activities over the Christmas and New Year period, run as part of the same campaign. This line of subsidy also enabled not just retailers’ associations from Barcelona’s municipal markets but also retailers’ guilds from Barcelona province represented in the city’s markets.

For both types of subsidy, special consideration was given to projects which boost innovation and digitalisation, basically favouring the modernisation and efficiency of local commerce.