The markets take part in the employment plan programme with four new facilitators

Four people will join the markets for six months to develop a revitalisation plan for fifteen markets.  

This year, the Barcelona Markets are once again collaborating with Barcelona Active to carry out the 2019 Employment Plan Programme. This year, four people have joined to develop a revitalisation plan for fifteen of Barcelona’s markets in six months.

The Municipal Employment Plan Programme, which is managed by Barcelona City Council, is aimed at unemployed people in the city and is part of the Government Measure for the Development of the Barcelona Activa Territorial Strategy.

Thus, following the successful programmes of previous years, the markets will once again take part in employment plans and will carry out work actions to foster employment and provide work experience while carrying out tasks and services of municipal interest.

One of the goals to be achieved by these new facilitators is that of collaborating with the association and commercial networks around the markets, cooperating with the neighbourhoods’ residents’ and trade associations. The new people joining the scheme will also carry out tasks relating to the design and production of events and activities as well as the improvement of the digital marketing and tools available to the markets.

Furthermore, the facilitators will support a variety of cross-cutting projects that are currently carried out by the Municipal Markets Institute (IMMB), such as the implementation of the REC citizen currency, the deployment of the Vila loyalty card or the study on the management of the municipal markets’ taxation.