The Mercat del Carmel marks its 50th anniversary

A new central section has been created at the market and will be used for different activities to add vitality to commerce.

The Mercat del Carmel started celebrating its 50th anniversary this morning, with a programme that runs through until Friday and includes various activities. Today saw the presentation of the new central area of the market, with a round table session on the market today and the markets of the future. After that there was a chance to visit the photography exhibition for the 50th anniversary of the neighbourhood market. The Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, was in attendance, as were the Councillor for Commerce, Markets, Internal Regulations and Tax, Montserrat Ballarín, the Manager of the Municipal Institute of Markets, Màxim López, and other officials.

The market is organising various activities this week to mark its 50th anniversary:

Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17, morning and afternoon, and Friday 18 in the afternoon

Music & Food & 50 years of the market

Wednesday 16

11.30 am to 1 pm Jazz performance, live, with refreshments.

Bibliomercat special.

Thursday 17

11.30 am to 1 pm, Lyrical singing, live.

5.30 pm to 6.30 pm. Music performance by 40 parriba,

and refreshments for families and kids, with Pera del Mercat.

Friday 18

5.30 pm to 7 pm. Jazz performance with Swing Jazz, live.

Saturday 19

11.30 am Children’s workshop, special 50th anniversary edition with Imaginarte.

Evening tasting. 8 pm to midnight at the market.

7 pm to 9 pm, musical performance by 40 parriba and karate display.

From 9 pm, concert by Rumba Alborada and Liquidación por Cierre.

New central area at the market

The demolition of two blocks of stalls has freed up a central zone in the market, to be used for different activities designed to add vitality to commerce. Just the structure’s pillars and bracing beams have been left and the area freed up has been paved, leaving an open zone.

The section of the market where the fish stalls were has been cleared of commercial activity and a partition has been built using plasterboard, freeing up a separate space with no stalls and acting as an access zone for services.