Alternative 2: Tram along Avda Diagonal in a tunnel exclusively at the busiest section

This second option starts in the current layout of the Trambaix after it crosses Avda Sarrià (in the Besòs direction). It is here that the ramp starts for the 175-metre-long underground lines, so the tunnel section begins just before Plaça de Francesc Macià, which means relocating the current Trambaix stop to the other side of the square and making this an underground station. The current layout of Avda Diagonal's lanes will not be affected along this section. 


Main features:

Of the total length of the section (1,920 m), 1,095 m will correspond to sections built in pits (57%) whereas 825 m correspond to sections built between outdoor screens (43%), which involves:  

  • Considerable overground disruption during work, covering a width of between 15.7 m and 19.7 m along Diagonal, which will cause disruptions, not just environmentally (noise, dust, vibrations) but socially and economically too (accessibility, impact on commerce). 
  • Disruptions along the part of Diagonal that was recently redeveloped between Francesc Macià and Passeig de Gràcia 
  • Removal and subsequent replanting of the two sea-facing lines of trees along the outdoor sections

This alternative includes three underground stops (one of which is a relocation of the current Francesc Macià stop) and three overground stops

Fitxa amb les dades principals
System: TRAMWAY on reserved platform or tunnel
Traction and supply: Electricity without overhead power cables
Total number of simple TUs (by 2051): 75 (current fleet: 41)
Simple TU (double TU) capacity: 220 pax (440 pax)
Simple TU (double TU) length: 32.5 m (65.5 m)
Route: Plaça de Francesc Macià - Avinguda Diagonal - Plaça de les Glòries
Connection (use) length: 3,957 m (2,098 in tunnel)
Number of newly built stops: 6 (3 in tunnel)
Number of additional stops on the network: 5 (3 in tunnel)
Average distance between new stops: 616 m
Minimum tram frequency: 4 min
Average commercial speed of trams: 21 km/h
Initial potential stabilised demand: 241,831 pax/day

Outline of the alternative

Alternativa 2 - Render 2
Between Francesc Macià and Roger de Llúria
Alternativa 2 - Render 1
Between carrer Roger de Llúria and carrer Bruc
Alternativa 2 - Render 3
Between carrer Marina and Plaça de les Glòries

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