Alternative 3: Tram along C/ Urgell - C/ Provença - Avda Diagonal

This alternative starts at the final stop of the Trambaix line located in Plaça de Francesc Macià, from where it turns towards C/ Comte d’Urgell, where it continues until it turns along C/ Provença, which it travels along up to Diagonal. From this point on it coincides with alternative 1. 

Main features:

  • Connecting the Urgell stop between Còrsega - Rosselló to metro Line 5 and the future FGC line 8 to the Hospital Clínic stop, as well as the Girona - Bailèn stop’s interchange with metro line 5 at the Verdaguer stop. 
  • Establishing the tramway along C/ Urgell and C/ Provença involves partially remodelling the urbanisation of the first section between Francesc Macià and Provença, and completing the second between Urgell and Diagonal, respectively. 
  • The street is seen as a single-platform, calmed-traffic thoroughfare for trams, motor vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians all sharing the same space, thereby limiting the tramway's speed to 10-12 km/h and significantly reducing commercial speeds 
  • This section involves removing the existing trees and later relocating them to the edge of the new pavement
  • As for private-vehicle traffic, C/ Provença will, for practical purposes, disappear from the city’s road network
Fitxa amb les dades principals
System: TRAMWAY on reserved platform
Traction and supply: Electricity without overhead power cables
Total number of simple TUs (by 2051): 77 (current fleet: 41)
Simple TU (double TU) capacity: 220 pax (440 pax)
Simple TU (double TU) length: 32.5 m (65.5 m)
Route: Plaça de Francesc Macià - Carrer d’Urgell - Carrer de Provença - Avinguda Diagonal - Plaça de les Glòries
Connection (use) length: 4,565 m
Number of newly built stops: 6
Number of additional stops on the network: 6
Average distance between new stops: 652 m
Minimum tram frequency: 4 min
Average commercial speed of trams: 14 km/h
Initial potential stabilised demand: 193,619 pax/day

Outline of the alternative

Carrer Provença
Carrer Provença
Carrer Urgell
Carrer Urgell
Entre carrer Marina i Plaça de les Glòries
Between carrer Marina and Plaça de les Glòries

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