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Design and Franco's regim Symposium

Lectures, talks

The second symposium of the FHD (Design History Foundation) precisely seeks to explore the conditions in which the material and visual culture of Spain during the Franco regime were developed and how design progressed in a context of so many contradictions. The country was faced by an economy and a society in transition from the precariousness of the post-war period through to financial growth and the autarky of industrial ‘development’; a context in which culture happened in a framework of restricted liberties, isolation and also repression. Hence modernisation occurred under conditions of political exceptionality. The design and work of the professionals in this discipline went hand in hand with the dawn of mass communication, tourism and new forms of consumption, while lifestyles were about seeking alternatives to such social realities; both during periods of growth and in the crisis of the seventies.

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Organitza: FHD, Fundació Història del Disseny
Amb la col·laboració del Museu del Disseny de Barcelona


22nd and 23rd February 2018


Design Museum Barcelona


Until el 21st January 2018: 75 € (Students and Friends of FHD: 55 €)
From del 22nd January to 21st February 2018: 85 € (Students and Friens of FHD: 65€)

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