Barcelona Cultura

Product Design

Established in 1994 with the goal of extending the decorative arts collections, which had halted in the early-twentieth century through this new genre, the heritage contained in the Product Design Collection is divided according to theme, territory and historic period.

The collection includes the finest productions, the most outstanding companies and most Catalan and Spanish artists since the 1930s, representing the diversity of typologies to which design is applied. This is the first and only such collection in national territory that embraces such diversity, and the first to be shown as a permanent exhibition. Furniture, lamps, vehicles, recipients, instruments and equipment form the main categories in a collection that comprises some 2,000 pieces.

In view of the changes in production systems and the very concept of design that took place in the late-twentieth century, the collection continued to grow according to new criteria. As a result, ecodesign is now included, as is the recent phenomenon of 3D printed objects, of which the museum has established the first public international collection in all Spain.

Representative of our times, this is a living collection whose holdings are regularly increased. Moreover, its contemporary quality is guaranteed thanks to donations and the inclusion of winning entries for the Delta Prizes awarded by ADI-FAD since 1961. Indeed, under an agreement with this organisation, the museum acquires practically all prize-winning pieces.


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