80s The graphic design boom

The time of social change and modernisation of both institutions and companies brought new professional challenges and greater visibility for designers.

Political and social commitment

Once democracy had been instated, designers created the images of political parties, associations and countless social campaigns.

Culture, an explosion of vitality

There was a renovation of high culture and an explosion of popular culture. They were the years of the movida, when music, film and publishing experienced their heyday.

New image, new communication

With the normalisation of political life and Spain’s entry into the EEC in 1986, institutions and companies redefined their communications and corporate design experienced a huge impetus.

Barcelona 92, avant-garde and Mediterranean

The graphic design of the Olympics conveyed Barcelona’s identity. Cobi stood out for being ground-breaking and became extraordinarily popular.

Between Seville and Madrid

The Universal Expo in Seville and Madrid, European Capital of Culture were part of Spain’s policy of modernisation and international outreach.

Communicating design

Public institutions and professional associations organised international exhibitions to promote design, while specialised publications also emerged.