90s - 2003 More than a boom

The Macintosh computer entered graphic design studios during a period of both economic crisis and consolidation of the profession.

New technologies and experimentation

The use of the Mac encouraged formal experimentation, which was particularly welcomed in the more transgressive culture and electronic music. It also pushed new typographies to be designed.

The profession consolidates

Despite the 1993 crisis, which seriously affected design, it nonetheless gained more solid ground. Institutions were created and professional associations remained active.

International outreach

Some designers, whose work had become internationally famous in the previous decade, continued their international outreach and even opened studios abroad.

The return of socially-conscious graphics

AIDS, the ecological disaster caused by the sinking of the Prestige oil tanker in Galicia and the Iraq War were the causes that mobilised designers between the late 1990s and 2003.

2003: Design Year

Design Year replaced Design Spring (1991-2001) to “share the new way of viewing creation and design”.