The apartment museum: recovered spaces

Located at number 11 on the 1st floor of block 2, Apartment 1/11 is formally the same as the rest of the apartments in Casa Bloc. However, it only has two bedrooms, whereas some of the others have three or four. The idea was to provide dwellings of different sizes in order to cater for differing family needs. All of them are maisonettes, and the amount of usable space varies depending on the number of bedrooms. Apartment 1/11 has 60 m² in total.

The aim in restoring Apartment 1/11 was to strip away any elements that had been added or superimposed to reveal the building as it was originally intended to look. This was the case with all the flooring on the ground floor, which was removed and replaced with original flooring taken from other parts of the building, the tiles that covered part of the walls and all the carpentry work that was not an integral part of the dwelling. The bathroom fixtures were also removed, as were any modern, non-original fittings, as well as the paper and plaster on the walls, the electrical installation and part of the terrace, where the artificial eaves were removed together with masonry and woodwork added over time.

The internal layout is very straightforward, and clearly divides the common areas from the more private ones. On the ground floor, there is the entrance, a hall that leads to the laundry area (with shower), the kitchen, the toilet, the dining room and a terrace. The two bedrooms are on the upper floor.