Casa Bloc Apartment 1/11

Casa Bloc, built during the Second Spanish Republic under the auspices of the Government of Catalonia by architects Josep Lluís Sert (1902–1983), Josep Torres Clavé (1906–1939) and Joan Baptista Subirana (1904–1978), is the first example of a building designed functionally as workers’ housing. All three men belonged to the GATCPAC(Group of Catalan Architects and Technicians for the Progress of Contemporary Architecture), which was founded in 1930 and was a driving force behind avant-garde architecture in Catalonia.

In 2011, the Barcelona Institute of Culture (ICUB) and the Catalan Land Institute (INCASOL) restored Apartment 1/11 to its original condition, the way it looked in 1939, completing work on the façade and hall that had not been carried out during previous refurbishment projects (1997–2008).