Interiors: Build, Inhabit, Use

Loos returns architecture to its essential origins, where construction and habitation coincide. In the interior, the “I am” of the individual can make itself happen. The interior portrays architecture as a space of use, empty, dramatised and permanently unfinished, waiting to be charged with experiences. In the interior Loos conceives of maximum comfortability, dressing it with hard materials like marble, but also with softer surfaces in the form of textiles and carpets, with pallid tones – pastel pinks, blues and greens – giving them a feminine touch. The relationship between “architecture” and “fine tailoring” is played out fully in commercial establishments.

“I do not design plans, façades, sections. I design space. To tell the truth, there is no ground floor nor upper floor nor basement, there are merely interconnected spaces, vestibules, terraces. Every room requires a specific height – the dining room a different one from the studio – and for that reason the ceilings lie at different heights. One must connect spaces with one another so that the transition is unnoticeable and natural, but also the most practical.”
Adolf Loos