This has been completely rebuilt in keeping with the original design. The worktop, stove, sink and larder were all items salvaged from an abandoned apartment. Where exactly to position each was decided by following the plans and referring to the existing kitchens in two of the other apartments in the building.

The rectangular kitchen has a built-in worktop finished with glazed 18 x 18 cm tiles from La Bisbal (a town in Catalonia known for high-quality ceramics), where the main cooking facilities are to be found: the sink, a built-in cast iron coal-burning stove with a door, and a space that used to house a 1930s cuina econòmica (‘economical cooker’) manufactured in Barcelona by José Mingrat.

The wall where the worktop is positioned is half-tiled with white 20 x 20 cm Valencian tiles. Below the window, there is a built-in larder finished with tiles from La Bisbal on the top and at the base of the built-in shelving. It closes with doors that have small metal ventilation grilles.

Above the sink is a wooden plate rack. The ceiling is exposed, revealing the Catalan-style vaulting as in other areas of the apartment. The flue for the cooker is at one end.