Laundry area and shower

The laundry area and the shower share a small but well ventilated space, with a window looking out onto the outside that lets in the light. Located in this wet area, they were not used on a daily basis and are separated from the bathroom by a pony wall, allowing effective ventilation.

The built-in cement sink is large, at 66 x 75 cm, and so was a good size for doing laundry. Next to it is the white enamelled steel shower tray (80 x 70 cm), which sits directly on the cement tile, although small legs raise it 22 cm from the floor in order to improve drainage. Three layers of enamel paint protect the walls against damp. The shower head is made from nickel-plated brass, as are the taps. The ceiling here is exposed, revealing the Catalan-style vaulting.