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Museum-Apartment at the Casa Bloc, Dwelling 1/11


The first stone of Casa Bloc was laid in 1933. The apartment building was initiated by the Generalitat de Catalunya with the objective to create quality, modern housing that met the basic standards of living for workers in need.

Constructed during the Second Republic in Barcelona by architects Josep Lluís Sert, Josep Torres Clavé and Joan Baptista Subirana, the Casa Bloc was built using the ideologies of the GATCPAC (Grup d’Artistes i Tècnics Catalans pel Progrés de l’Arquitectura Contemporània, Group of Artists and Technicians for the progress of Catalan Contemporary Architecture).

One of these apartments has now been restored to its original state. The guided tour of Apartment 1/11 gives visitors a real perspective the innovation the Casa Bloc project represents in regards to the architecture and the society of its time.

Casa Bloc, Apartment 1/11 is a member of the Iconic Houses, the international network connecting architecturally significant houses from the 20th century that are open to the public.

Saturdays at 11 am
Booking is required
Dates and times off group visits by arrangement only

Duration guided visit: 1 h 30 min
Wheelchair access only available on the first floor of the duplex.


Material didàctic de suport a la visita guiada de la Casa Bloc


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