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LUX Awards 2019: Javier Aranburu wins the golden prize in the Fashion and Beauty category

On November 28, the Design Museum of Barcelona held the awards ceremony of the Professional Photography LUX Awards 2019, organised by the Spanish Association of Professional Photographers (AFPE). Since 1993 the awards have acknowledged the best photographic works done by professional artists and are considered a top reference for the field.

This year, Javier Aranburu is the winner, for his project “Beyond Black”. As in past editions, the gold winner in the Fashion and Beauty category will join our fashion photography collection. The work of previous winners’, such as Irene Sekulic (2016), Alberto G. Puras (2017) and Pep Àvila (2018), is already part of this collection. 

The artwork of Aranburu is characterised by his creativity and thematic variety, as well as the harmony and the chromatic equilibrium in image composition. He has worked for brands such as Nike, Chanel and Warner Music, and his photographs have been published in magazines such as Vogue, Elle and El País Semanal. He has recently been commissioned for two exhibitions in Rome and San Francisco, and he has also received an honour mention in the International Photography Awards (IPA) of Los Angeles.

The winner project will soon be available to view on our online fashion photography collection.

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