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Trailer introducing Connected Objects. Memory of Design at Design Museum of Barcelona


Here is an audiovisual preview of  Connected Objects. Memory of Design at Design Museum of Barcelona”: a digital platform that will bring together some of the accounts from the protagonists and the most representative objects of product design belonging to the museum’s collections.

In this first visual document that introduces the project, we will hear experiences and reflections from some of the major figures in our industrial design, including André Ricard, Alberto Lievore, Josep Lluscà, Lluís Clotet and Oscar Tusquets, Ramon Benedito, Miguel Milá, Beth Galí, Gemma Bernal and Ramon Isern, Juma or Carles Riart, among many others.


Weekly we will present iconic objects from the museum's collections explained by its designers.

Link: Polar ice bucket by Fernando Amat
Link: Splendid pressure cooker by Josep Lluscà
Link: Alta Costura Floor Lamp designed by Josep Aregall
Link: Calendar Temps by Carles Fochs
Link: Cube for modular unit, 1966. Beth Galí
Link: TMC Floor Lamp by Miguel Milá
Link: Barcelona '92 Olympic Torch by André Ricard

The Connected Objects project, currently being put together by the documentation centre at the Design Museu of Barcelona, will unite a wide variety of documentary, archive, bibliographic and audiovisual resources revolving around the life cycle of objects, to facilitate understanding and critical analysis in this area.

With a constantly growing archive, the project currently involves 30 designers, 44 companies and more than 80 objects. All of these pieces belong to the collections at the museum.

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