MUHBA Laboratory Project. Let’s collect the city!

Welcome to the Laboratory of the MUHBA. You are now entering a workspace designed to build links between the Museum, the people of the city, organisations, companies and institutions with the aim of "collecting" the city, especially the city of today.

The aim is to gather documents, objects and collections which, in addition to building narratives based on historical research, can help to improve people's knowledge of Barcelona and turn the Museum into a mirror of the city.

Almost 70 years ago the History of the City Museum first opened with a permanent display of its collections, which were on view to the public until the early 1990s. Now, MUHBA aims to relaunch the collection of objects that have been entrusted to its care. The idea is to highlight Barcelona’s progress as a modern European metropolis and the capital of Catalonia, and to do so we need to fill in the gaps in the part of the collection that covers recent history, from 20th-century industrialisation to the post-industrial era.

But the project to build a modern collection of the city won’t be possible without the help of the people of Barcelona. That’s why we want you all to join in.

Images of the exhibition (Author: Andrea Manenti)


MUHBA Plaça del Rei
Casa Padellàs

Opening times

From 7 November 2011 to 23 April 2014

Ticket prices

Free entrance