The Research and Debate Centre (CRED)

MUHBA's Centre de Recerca i Debat is a place where various lines of research and projects of the museum are organised and take shape before they progress to the stages of programming and implementation.

The Centre de Recerca i Debat organises and coordinates the various formats through which MUHBA disseminates new research and studies that are carried out on the history of Barcelona by the scientific community.

These formats are, specifically, all the dialogues on urban history, lectures, one-day conferences and seminars that MUHBA organises as part of its programme. The Centre de Recerca i Debat is a meeting point for specialists and for anyone interested in Barcelona’s urban history, the representations of the city and its cultural heritage.

The Centre de Recerca i Debat is a space for training and education, offering Master’s courses and postgraduate modules on themes such as intervention in architecture and landscape, the urban narrative in the construction of explanations that are relevant to the city, and the role of intellectuals and writers in the reinvention of cities.