Restoration of a neolithic bovid skull.

This object, which was found at the Barcelona Liceu Conservatory site in 2006, was restored for the exhibition organised by the MUHBA, entitled: “FIRST FARMERS/BCN. The major innovation 7,500 years ago”.

Management and coordination: Lídia Font, Anna Lázaro and Carla Puerto, of the Preventive Conservation and Restoration Service of the Museum of the History of Barcelona
Restorer: Sandra Val (ICNITA-Serveis Integrals en Ciències Naturals i Arqueologia)
Year: 2015-2016

Restoration of a neolithic bovid skull.

The skull was found head down in the dig. (©Anna Bordas-ATICS SL)

The skull entered the laboratory facing upwards as it was rotated in order to remove it. (©ICNITA-MUHBA)

As the earth was gradually removed, the skull emerged, protected by the polyethylene foam housing used to remove it at the site. (©ICNITA-MUHBA)

A modern bovid skull was used as a guide for the restoration. (©ICNITA-MUHBA)

The missing part was reconstructed with plaster. (©ICNITA-MUHBA)

Once the front part had been recovered, a new rigid bed was made in order to turn it around and work on the other side. (©ICNITA-MUHBA)

The polyethylene foam from the dig was then removed with the utmost care. (©ICNITA-MUHBA)

Once the back been cleaned, a support was made that was adapted to the inside of the skull. (©ICNITA-MUHBA)

Front view of the restored skull ready for exhibition. (©ICNITA-MUHBA)

Side view of the restored skull ready for exhibition. (©ICNITA-MUHBA)