Salomon ben Adret de Barcelona (1235-1310). The triumph of orthodoxy

Salomon ben Adret, the great Rabbi of the city of Barcelona during the second half of the 13th century and the beginning of the 14th, was one of the leading figures in the cultural sphere of his time.

Born into a wealthy family, as a young man he worked in the money-lending business. Later on, he became chief Rabbi of Barcelona and founded an important Talmudic school which attracted students from many different countries. As a great authority of his age, many eminent figures in Europe sought his advice, and he replied by writing a series of responsa that helped to organise Jewish communities and their institutions and to regulate everyday life within the Call (Jewish quarter). He also took important steps toward defining institutions to reconcile Judaic religious principles with practical solutions so as to foster fluid relations between the Jewish community and society as a whole in the country where he lived.

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