Guided visits

Author visit with Joan Vives

  • Joan Vives. Foto: S. Guasteví

Bach visit

Joan Vives, musician and journalist, will discover us the links of J. S. Bach with the Museum's collection, with musical illustrations to the harpsichord Christian Zell by Mireia Ruiz.

From his birth in Eisenach (Thuringia), the life of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) was always linked to music and instruments. His father was a flutist, his musicians brothers played the organ and the oboe. He grew up sitting on organs, harpsichords and clavichords and wrote for all of them and for violin, cello, viola de gamba, lute, trumpet ... in short, for practically all instruments in use at the time.

The Museum of Music of Barcelona allows us to make a trip in time for all of them, thanks to the precious collection of original Baroque instruments that it preserves. It will be from here that we will reconstruct a personal and musical portrait of the figure of one of the greatest masters in the history of music.

(Visit in Catalan)