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Gamelan Barasvara summer concert

  • Foto: Xavier Erruz

The gamelan gong kebyar is an instrumental ensemble native to the island of Bali that is played in a group. It is made up of metallophones and bronze gongs, drums and bamboo flutes. The Museu de la Música acquired a copy in 2013 that is regularly used for group workshops of initiation to the instrument, rehearsals and concerts in L’Auditori and elsewhere.

The Gamelan Barasvara, a musical group of the Gamelan Association of Barcelona and resident at the Museu de la Música of Barcelona, aims to expand the interpretative knowledge of the Balinese musical tradition and to enable a space for artistic experimentation around gamelan in Barcelona. It is the only stable training in Spain.

In this concert for audiences of all ages, which this year we coincide with Music Day, the group Gamelan Barasvara offers a selection of traditional and contemporary pieces of various styles, including instrumental repertoire as well as accompanied by dance. Among others, La Danza de la Guerrera (The Dance of the Warrior) is a co-creation made by two members of the group, composer Violeta Tello Grau and choreographer Judit Barahona,, Sekar Jepun, an essential work of the traditional instrumental repertoire that will be performed for the first time in our country, and works by the Balinese composer AABG Krishna Putra Sutedja.


Gamelan Barasvara
Àlex Vilanova
Ángel D. Blanco
Anna Contreras
Cahaya Lovisa Kabuhung
Camila Simsiroglu
Carme López
Clara Viesuales
Franziska Ewald
Gaston Fischer
Giuseppe Pulice
Heinzel Fliesgewssser
Immanuel Kabuhung
Isabel Acosta
Jordi Juan
Jordi Casadevall
Juan L. Restrepo
Lluís Solsona, direction
Martí Ruiz
Martina Borrut
Max Thijssen
Nyoman Hardiani Dewi
Patricia Maeser
Violet Tello
Wayan Shayna Calvo Dewi

Cahaya Lovisa Kabuhung
Judit Barahona
Nyoman Hardiani Dewi