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Visit to the best guitars collection of the world


The Museum of Music of Barcelona is launching a project to promote its collection of guitars considered the best in the world. The Museum opens to the public 50 of the 90 historical guitars with a guided tour and a final concert in which some of the most emblematic guitars of the collection can be heard in live.

The collection includes pieces of great historical value that go from the beginning of the 17th century (few previous copies are preserved) to the present, and which have reached the Museum thanks to the donations of performers such as Miquel Llobet. From the 90 guitars that owns the Museum, about fifty are permanently exhibited, among them baroque guitars stand out, such as the well-known "guitar of the Lions". The most precious guitars of the collection are probably the two built by Antonio de Torres. The jewel of the collection is the guitar of the same Torres built in Seville in 1859 and acquired by the guitarist and composer Miquel Llobet in 1916. Its sound is of a purity and brightness that has become legendary among the great guitarists.

One of the added values ​​of the collection that makes it the most important in the world is the special program of research and restoration of the Museum of Music that has allowed to recover the original sound of many of these guitars to the point that can currently be used. in perfect conditions of interpretation.

Practical information about visits
The visit lasts one hour, it includes a tour through the different spaces of the Museum to learn the influences and beginnings of the guitar through its predecessors such as charango, lute, Arabic ud and other string instruments, continues with the detailed explanation of the guitar collection and ends with a 20 minute concert by two specialized interpreters of the ancient guitar.