School visits

A city’s religious diversity is expressed in quite different ways. One of them is the existence of places of worship with a special significance, where people of the same religion meet, mainly to pray and hold religious acts, but also to learn, offer support and very often to help those most in need, regardless of their religion. Visiting places of worship and speaking to people who go there provides first-hand knowledge of the communities that meet there.

This is the aim of our proposed visits: familiarising secondary school students with the religious diversity around them by visiting the places of worship used by various religious and spiritual communities in the city. This is a way for them to understand the importance of the right to religious freedom and practice (freedom of worship) in a society where people with all sorts of beliefs, religious or otherwise, live side by side.

The places of worship you can visit belong to the following religious traditions:

  • Christianity (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox)
  • Judaism
  • Islam
  • Buddhism (Zen, Tibetan)
  • Hinduism
  • Sikhism
  • Bahá’í Faith

The visits last approximately 90 minutes, so two can be scheduled in a single morning. They are conducted by members of the communities themselves. The activity is free of charge, although you can make a donation to the communities you visit if you wish.

To request a visit, please contact the Office of Religious Affairs-OAR (932 564 342).

We have prepared related teaching material, entitled “Coneix les religions (Discovering religions). The material provides a brief introduction to the different religions present in Barcelona.

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