How to submit a claim

OMIC mediates between the parties but may only intervene, according to the Consumer Code of Catalonia, when there is a consumer dispute and no agreement has been reached between the consumer and the business

So, first of all, you need to contact directly the company you have the problem with, so you can have proof of your claim. For example, a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt and with a stamped claim form. OMIC always recommends doing this in writing and keeping a copy.  

To send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt you can go to any post office with a copy of the letter you want to send.          

You will find the address of the company you want to claim against on the invoice or contract, or in our section of frequent addresses. Otherwise, you can try any internet browser. 

Once you have made your claim, the company has a period of 30 days to reply. If it does not reply, or if the response is not satisfactory, you can submit a claim to OMIC, so we can study and process it


Documents required for submitting a claim:  

  • Claim lodged previously with the company. A period of 30 days must have lapsed since the claim was lodged or the company must have given you a reply in writing.
  • Registered post, stamped claim form and proof the letter was sent.
  • Reply from the company, if there is one.
  • Spanish national ID card (DNI), foreign resident tax number (NIE) or passport number.
  • If the person raising the complaint or claim is not the holder of the invoice or service concerned, you must bring signed authorisation from the holder and a photocopy of the holder's Spanish national ID card.
  • Completed claim form.
  • Any other documents that confirm the claim (invoices, contracts, plane tickets etc.)

You may submit your claim online using the Submitting Claims form, in person or by ordinary post to our offices, or at the Citizen Help and Information (OAC) offices. The documents required will always be the same.