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What difference is there between cancelling and transferring a phone number?

You can cancel or transfer a landline or mobile number. But you need to be clear about which you want to do, as they mean different things. 

Transferring, known as portability, allows you to keep your landline or mobile phone number when you change from one company to another. 

Cancelling means permanently ending the services you are offered by a company. 

Despite being different services with different procedures, cancellation and portability usually go together, as the former ends your services and therefore use of a phone number. If you do not want to lose your number, you have to ask an operator to carry out the portability procedure before you cancel your existing contract. Similarly, when you port from one company to another, you must also cancel your contract with your old phone company, so you are not billed twice for the same service.

I want to cancel a telecommunications service. How do I do that?

To cancel a service you have hired through a telecommunications operator you will have to notify them with at least two working days notice prior to the effective date of the cancellation. If you do that by phone, the company must provide you with a reference number so you have a proof of your request.

We always advise you to cancel your service in writing, sending your letter by registered post and keeping a copy of it and the registration number. Bear in mind that if you cancel your service without having requested portability, you will lose the number of the line you have cancelled. 

When it comes to phone number portability, we also advise you to use a verifiable means of cancelling your service with the old operator, even if the new operator assures you that it will deal with all the cancellation procedures.

My phone company has sent me a letter informing me that it is going to change the terms and conditions of the service, but I am not interested in the new terms and conditions. What can I do?

Your contract with the telecommunications operator must specify the terms and conditions that may be unilaterally changed by the operator. In other cases users are entitled to terminate their contracts in advance and without penalty. Operators must notify any changes to your contract with at least one month's prior notice and inform you expressly in that notice of your right to terminate the contract in advance.

What is a premium SMS?

A premium SMS is an additional pricing service that appears on your bill. You may have hired it without realising it (for example, by entering your mobile number online to download a film). In fact, you may not have hired the service at all. 

If you disagree with the inclusion of these services in your bill, you are entitled to pay your bills less the costs of these messages and under no circumstances may failure to pay for these messages affect your basic telephone service.

In the event of such cases, we advise you to lodge a claim with the telephone operator through a registered letter where you ask for new bills that exclude these messages and for the details of the premium services so you can lodge a claim against them. If you have not resolved your problem within one month, you can come to OMIC with a copy of the all the documents.

Which establishments are legally obliged to provide me with a claim form if I ask for one?

All natural and legal persons that sell goods or supply services to consumers in Catalan territory, whether directly or through intermediaries, are legally obliged to accept official forms. A business person is legally obliged to ensure a proof of the presentation, whether by signature or company stamp, so they may reply at the same time in an official form in the space reserved or within a maximum period of one month as from the date of its presentation.

The following are exempted:

  • Certifying public officers or staff exercising public authority, provided that they are paid with customs fees.
  • Public services provided by the authority.
  • Centres that provide regulated teaching.
  • Activities that have specific regulations for claim forms.

Can I terminate an insurance policy at any time?

No. Insurance policies are annual contracts. The correct way to terminate such a policy is through a registered letter sent at least 2 months before the policy expires. You can find the address of the department to write to on your policy.

If I pay a deposit to purchase or hire a product and I change my mind, am I entitled to a refund?

No. Deposits are not refunded if it is you who stops the purchase or contract. If it is the company that is unable to offer the service or product, then you can claim back twice the amount of the deposit you paid.

If someone steals my mobile phone, can I be charged for the calls they make with it?

You can only be charged for phone calls made up to the time you call the telephone operator to inform them that your phone has been stolen. Any calls made after then will have to be paid for by the telephone company.

We advise you to call from a phone that enables you to keep a list of calls, if necessary, and to ask for a file or administration number.

Is a garage legally obliged to give me a receipt when I leave my vehicle for repair?

Yes. Garages are legally obliged to give you a receipt confirming you have left your vehicle with them. Before they can proceed to repair a vehicle, they must have a receipt signed by the consumer concerned, either requesting or waiving an estimate for the repair.

Do garages have to publicly state what they charge for labour and materials when repairing a vehicle?

Yes. All garages are legally obliged to inform their customers of their hourly labour rate and other services they carry out. When they have to use spare parts, they must provide their customers with documentary justification of the origin and prices of the spare parts used in the repair.

Official brand garages must also provide their customers with up-to-date catalogues and prices for spare parts and labour-time tables provided by the manufacturer.

How can I find out the price I will be charged for having a home appliance repaired?

Repair establishments and technical services are legally obliged to display in public the prices that apply to labour time, as well as transport and travel expenses. When repairs are made at your home, the repairman must provide you with an information leaflet with prices, if you request one. When they have to use spare parts, they must provide their customers with documentary justification of the source and price of the spare parts used in the repair.

Am I legally obliged to pay for preparing the estimate?

Yes. You will be legally obliged to pay for the preparation of the estimate if you have not accepted it and the repair is therefore not to be carried out. If you go ahead with the repair, you will not be charged for the estimate.