The OMIC continues to provide its services to the public electronically and through the 010 phone service. Claims and enquiries will continue to be preferably dealt with online. For those inquiries or complaints that require face-to-face attention, you must make an appointment in advance on the municipal procedures portal, by calling 010, or at the Municipal Procedures Kiosk.



Discount rates in electricity coupons are to rise to up to 70% and the budget increased for consumers with direct heating benefits

Basic supplies. The rise in electricity and gas prices has compelled the Spanish government to raise the discount rate in electricity coupons and increase the subsidies in heating benefits.


Barcelona City Council presents public consumer services at the ICAB

Consumer rights. The session also addressed adapting the law in response to new types of consumerism and the need to introduce people to municipal services and consumer associations.


Changes to your electricity bill

Basic supplies. From 1 June, the new electricity tariff will be applied meaning different prices for contracted power and consumption depending on the time of day.


Barcelona City Council supports local commerce in the face of vandalism

Insurers. The Municipal Consumer Information Office (OMIC) provides support and information on how to make a claim with insurers or the CCS.


The OMIC opens a direct helpline for those affected by blackouts

UPDATE. This service was provided during the first half of 2021. It is currently no longer active.


What do I need to know about the bad debtors’ list?

Consumption. We answer FAQs on these files and explain consumer rights.


The maximum price for surgical masks is 60 cents

COVID-19. The Spanish government has lowered the price and VAT for these protective products by 35% compared to the price set in April, which was 96 cents.


New social discount on electricity for people affected by Covid-19

Basic supplies. The Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO) established a new regime on 1 October last year for the social discount on electricity, to protect vulnerable consumers affected by the...


The OMIC takes part in a new free digital course in Economic Education

Consumption. The Economic Education Course from Barcelona City Council’s EdEc Programme is a training project to make basic economic tools and knowledge available to the general public, particularly the most vulnerable groups and...


Contracting online courses: what are my rights?

Online courses. The OMIC has detected an increase in queries and complaints about contracting these courses. Here are some general tips for consumers.