Prior appointment

NOTICE: Due to the exceptional situation, the OMIC will only attend to those who have an appointment, from Monday to Friday, 10am to 1pm. Also, in order to reduce unnecessary travel, a member of staff will call you before the day of the appointment to try to resolve the claim by telephone. 

If the reason for requesting an appointment is to submit a complaint, please note that you can do so electronically through the claims form. You can also send us your enquiry via the form on the website or by calling 010.

The OMIC only deals with consumer affairs. It does not handle procedures related to the registration of residency, taxes, fines, licenses, subsidies, grants, aid, medical matters, vehicle inspections or social services. If you need to apply for a residency registration certificate, you can do so through the Virtual Office.

For any other enquiry not related to consumer matters, you can also go to the Citizen Help and Information Offices (OAC), call 010 or consult the Barcelona City Council website.

Days which are not available appear in red.