The OMIC continues to provide its services to the public electronically and through the 010 phone service. Claims and enquiries will continue to be preferably dealt with online. For those inquiries or complaints that require face-to-face attention, you must make an appointment in advance on the municipal procedures portal, by calling 010, or at the Municipal Procedures Kiosk.

How to make a claim

The OMIC holds conciliation proceedings between parties and, according to the Consumer Code of Catalonia, it may only intervene if there is a consumer dispute and the consumer and the company have failed to reach an agreement.

Your first step must therefore always be to contact the company with which the problem has arisen directly, so that you have proof of the claim. This can be, for example, a letter sent by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt or the stamped claim form. At the OMIC, we recommend that you always do this in writing and keep a copy.

To send a letter by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt, you must go to any post office with a copy of the letter you want to send.

The company has 30 days after you made the claim to respond. If it fails to do so, or if its response is not satisfactory, you can file a claim with the OMIC for us to consider and process.

Necessary documents for making a claim:

  • Claim previously filed with the company. Either at least 30 days since the claim was filed must have elapsed or you must have received a written response from the company.
  • Post office certificate, stamped claim form or proof of sending of the claim. 
  • The company's response, if any.
  • Spanish national identity document, residence card (NIE) or passport.
  • If the person filing the claim is not the person named on the invoice or service to which the claim relates, they must provide a signed authorisation and photocopies of both the holder’s and the authorised person’s Spanish national identity documents.
  • The completed claim form.
  • Any other documents providing evidence of the claim (such as bills, contracts or plane tickets).

You can file a claim online using the “Claim/Complaint” form, in person, or by post at our offices or through the Citizen Help and Information Offices. You will always need the same documents.

The OMIC of the Barcelona City Council is only competent in consumer issues, and when the consumer is domiciled in this municipality.